feel like lying on the floor on a rug infront of an open fire while someone sits and plays the piano and guitar and sings or just playing music, i miss living in a house full of musicians. it’s not even like i could join in because i’ve never learnt properly but i loved to sit and listen while friends made music; it’s funny how emotional music can make me, i’ve literally sat bawling listening to certain instrumental pieces- i feel it throughout my whole body.

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 after that shower i smell soooooo good if i say so myself

and i feel so cleaaaaaaaaaaan

sitting in the dark watching fleeetwood mac live on tubeyou 

i need to get up and open the curtains and make food to eat and shower and go back to dobby’s but right now i can’t be bothered to move.

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i am so happy to be un-affected because un-attached, literally young and free.i have spent the best part of 19 years laying down whilst the dark washed over me, to have got past that is amazing to me. i’m grateful for my freedom and protection and having a home and food to eat and an education and healthcare - despite whatever shit is going on outside in the world with all its problems, i cherish my own little bubble in which everything is okay,but i’m also infatuated with the idea of travel, adventures and experience and meeting so many people from all over the world. oneday i want to speak, guide, teach maybe even; i have so much to say in the here and now but i’m still undergoing personal growth. i’m willing and able but not yet ready but as soon as i am i’m going to pour all of my passion and interest and excitement into making the world a better place- whether that’s on the other side of the third world or helping a friend. i alter my mind and it’s lovely and when it’s not i navigate back, i’m so fucking thankful to be myself; finally learning to be my own best friend too among many amazing friends. i wish everyone could see the positive light wavelength i’m on because i literally started face down on the floor and where i am now, most people would have no comprehension of my conflicts if i did not tell them and the ones who know are empathetic. i love everyone in my life, i couldn’t be better off.


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hai guuys i feel lavvly

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my beautiful booots came 

but they’re too small ><  so i can’t wear them for 420 now but nevermind

my book also came too which i can take to 420 ;)

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aaaah mate i’m gonna go have a bath and mmm clean and the hot water and being naked and clean and aaah

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gaaaaay gay

gay haaaaaaapppy

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sunlight and happyfags and chilling in my bed have made today lovely and floaty and now i’m going for a birthday meal to yam as much chinese as i can from the buffet and then go and chill with ma gurrls and smoke some marywaana and all is good <3

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it’s so beautiful

aw i remember the days when i had pink hair, no eyebrows and glittery nails and a massive rack

the amount of things that fall flat on their face just because it was rushed or over thought; nostalgia for the simplicity of beginnings.

i thought about her again today, the more days that pass- the more a soulmate became a stranger. i’m glad you’re happy now but you were actually kinder when you still knew the pain, before you got too comfortable in the knowledge that my loyalty would withstand subordinate efforts and in contrast, a massive shift in respect, downwardly.. maybe oneday we’ll come back together and i’ll tell you all the things i never did. 

that kind of connection something rare to dispense.

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really want to find a secret place like this to go and smoke and hang out with people and be alone and just whenever i need somewhere

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